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Guest Voice Teen Wolf Podfic: She Wolfs, She Blogs

Posted by: paraka on: April 14, 2016

I had a tiny role in a group podfic Fic: She Wolfs, She Blogs by Spookywoods Organized by: Opalsong Podficcers: ailis_fictive, attendtothebones, bessyboo, dr_fumbles_mcstupid, easytangent, faintdreams, fleur rochard, gandalfgirl, hananobira, kalakirya, kdheart, kellifer_fic, knight_tracer, lattice_frames, marianas, opalsong, osheamobile, paraka, reena_jenkins, rhea314, rscreighton, silkylustre, somethingincorporeal, thisissirius Cover Art: SuchaPrince & Opalsong Fandom: Teen Wolf Pairing: Vernon […]

I had a tiny role in a group podfic organized by Opalsong Fic: This Has Been: “A Stupid Thought I Had to Share with All of You by biohazardgirlOrganized by: OpalsongPodficcers: aphelant, ashesandghost, bessyboo, duckgirlie, exmanhater, faintdreams, growlery, jenepod, klb, knight_tracer, lunate8, marianas, opalsong, paraka, pollyrepeat, revolutionaryjo, rhea314, syrFandom: CommunityPairings: Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, Britta Perry/Jeff […]

Guest Voice Sherlock Podfic: The Road Less Traveled

Posted by: paraka on: June 25, 2012

I had a tiny role in a sly_hostetter and podfic_lover podfic Fic: The Road Less Traveled by verityburnsPodficcers: sly_hostetter and podfic_loverGuest Voices: bessyboo, fleur rochard, knight_tracer, lunate8, paraka, pennyplainknits, templemarker, themusecalliope, timechaser1, verityburns, war_kittenFandom: Sherlock (BBC)Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John WatsonSummary: Sherlock realises that John’s dating habits involve an unacceptable level of risk… what if he meets […]

Guest Voice SPN RPF/J2 Podfic: QueensGuard

Posted by: paraka on: March 28, 2010

Hi all, I had a small guest voice appearance on QueensGuard, primarily voinced by fayjay. Fic: QueensGuard by aramuin (text link)Main Voice: fayjayGuest Voices: akadougal, bananacosmic, cantarina, cookiemom6067, crinklysolution, eve_n_furter, fishpatrol, fleur rochard, gblvr, klb, kronos999, laurie, lunate8, luzula, meansprite, paraka, podcath, smallearthcat, templemarker, twasadark, zviFandom: Supernatural RPF (J2)Pairing: Jared/JensenSummary: “The fifth season of Supernatural, […]


Hello! I'm Paraka and I've been floating around fandom since 2003. You can find me being fannish all over the place but these days mostly on AO3, and a little bit on Twitter (though that seems to be mostly politics these days).

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