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Daredevil Podfic: Bedtime Stories

Posted by: paraka on: December 31, 2019

Fic: Bedtime Stories by Kat_C_Lyon Cover Art: paraka Fandom: Daredevil Pairing: Gen Summary: “What the hell do you mean, ‘It’s not available yet?’ It’s a compulsory course! You can’t force people to take courses and then not have textbooks for them!”Matt has trouble getting accessible course materials. Foggy has a solution. Posted: December 31, 2019 […]

Daredevil Podfic: & a past life in the trunk

Posted by: paraka on: January 2, 2017

Fic: & a past life in the trunk by notbecauseofvictories Cover Artist: yue_xi Fandom: Daredevil Pairing: Karen Page/Claire Temple Summary: Somewhere, Karen Page doesn’t race down the stairs after the man in the black mask, only to find him bleeding out onto the concrete. Somewhere, Matt Murdock doesn’t die. (Karen is Daredevil AU) Posted: January […]

Fic: My Boyfriend’s A Superhero And All I Got Was This Lousy ER Trip by paperclipbitch (text link) Fandom: Daredevil Pairing: Claire/Karen, Matt/Foggy Summary: “I walked into a file cabinet,” Murdock says loudly, when Claire reaches for his face, tilts it toward the light so she can check that nasty-looking cut on his cheekbone a […]


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