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Podfic Polygon Bandom Podfics

Posted by: paraka on: June 18, 2018

Podfic Polygon is a podfic challenge where participants join groups and play pass the podfic so in the end, everyone in the group has picked a story, recorded someone else’s pick, and edited someone else’s recording of someone else’s story choice. Below are the entries from my group with DuendeVerde4 and marianas Fic: Beginning by […]


Hello! I'm Paraka and I've been floating around fandom since 2003. You can find me being fannish all over the place but these days mostly on AO3, and a little bit on Twitter (though that seems to be mostly politics these days).

All my fannish works are theoretically supposed to be hosted here, though sometimes I fall behind, so AO3 might be the most up to date.