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QaF Vid: Open Your Eyes

Posted by: paraka on: November 16, 2004

Song: Open Your Eyes by Guano Apes Fandom: Queer as Folk Pairing: Brian/Justin Summary: Brian needs to beat the machine in his head. Notes: It should also be noted that the singer may as well have been singing under water for all the diction shown, so the lyrics to this song are available here. Posted: […]

QaF Vid: The Otherman

Posted by: paraka on: November 1, 2004

Song: The Otherman by Sloan Fandom: Queer as Folk Pairing: Brian/Justin, Justin/Ethan Summary: Season 2 Brian, Justin, and Ethan triangle. Notes: I’m not quite sure whether this pro Ethan or not. I love Brian and Justin as a couple, but I also love the angst that Ethan caused. Posted: November 1, 2004 Download: WMV (55.7MBs) […]


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