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Guest Voice Spider-Verse Podfic: To Have and to Hold

Posted by: paraka on: January 29, 2019

I had a tiny role in a group podfic

Fic: To Have and to Hold by Traincat
Organized by: Dr_Fumbles_McStupid
Podficcers: Dr_Fumbles_McStupid, GoLBPodfics, litrapod (litra), paraka, reena_jenkins, wingedwords
Cover Art: Dr_Fumbles_McStupid
Fandom: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Pairing: Olivia Octavius/May Parker, Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson
Summary: “Peter,” May said, jabbing her index finger into the center of his chest. “Liv and I are getting married. That is the end of the story.”
“She is my archnemesis!” Peter said, throwing his hands up in the air.
“Well,” May said, turning away from him. “That’s just something you’ll both have to work on. I’m going to go do the laundry now.”
“ARCHNEMESIS,” Peter shouted at her retreating back.
Posted: January 29, 2019
Podfic: You can find this podfic on AO3, or a live performance of it done at Podfication 2019
Length: 0:24:36

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