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Bandom Podfic: College ‘Verse

Posted by: paraka on: December 29, 2013

Fic: College ‘Verse by [ profile] dapatty (text link)
Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance)
Pairing: Gen, Frank, Dewees
Summary: A series of stories about Frank and his awesome roommate, Dewees.
Notes: Recorded for [ profile] argentumlupine for the 2013 Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange.
Posted: December 29, 2013
Links: Zipped MP3s (25.1 MBs) ||| Serie’s M4B (18.3 MBs)
Please right click and “Save As”.
Length: 0:31:03

Individual Stories

Fic: Home Away From Home
Summary: Dewees can just shut up about his mom’s pie, okay.
Length: 0:05:41
Link: MP3

Fic: But It’s Not Halloween
Summary: Every day can be Halloween if your roommate has a never ending supply of weird shit that he’s more than happy to wear on any day.
Length: 0:03:07
Link: MP3

Fic: The Dangers of Falling Asleep in Dewees’ Car
Summary: Or that time Frank thought Dewees was going to drive him to the train station and it ended up being something magical.
Length: 0:05:40
Link: MP3

Fic: A Thermostat Is Not Rocket Science
Summary: So Dewees tweeted: “It’s always so tricky to figure out how to work the heat in a new place. New. Meaning new to me. Not new as in just built”
And this just happened.
Length: 0:04:40
Link: MP3

Fic: We Weren’t In Jail That Long
Summary: Frank knew better than to involve himself in wacky misadventures that began at 4 in the morning.
Length: 0:05:01
Link: MP3

Fic: It’s Your Birthday and All I Got You Was This Hangover and a Helluva Time
Summary: Frank was not sulking because Dewees had clearly forgotten his birthday. He. Was. Not.
Length: 0:03:55
Link: MP3

Fic: Gobble Gobble or Something
Summary: Frank never new what to expect with Dewees and costumes were no exception.
Length: 0:02:26
Link: MP3

Reader’s Notes
Length: 0:00:28
Link: MP3

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