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SGA Vid: Pegasus 101

Posted by: paraka on: May 5, 2008

Song: All Spark by Steve Jablonsky (from the Transformers score)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: None, Gen, Team
Summary: My first Gen/Team vid, I’ve been wanting to make one for years and now finally have.
I wanted to tell the story of the team learning about and adjusting to life in Pegasus. The vid is in three parts that follow the music. First is them finding Pegasus and becoming a team. Second is about the team going out there and meeting the Pegasus natives of the human variety, and the last section deals with the Wraith.
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] paradise_city. Without all her amazing cheer leading, I’d probably still have this sitting unfinished. And [personal profile] maekala, [personal profile] keewick and [personal profile] kimberlyfdr who all took the time to send me a beta. The POV would have been all messed up without you guys.
Posted: May 5, 2008.

Download: WMV (27.2MBs)
Please right click and “Save As”.
Length: 3:37

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