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AI8 RPF Podfic: Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral)

Posted by: paraka on: August 28, 2011

Fic: Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) by [personal profile] jeyhawk (text link)
Fandom: American Idol RPF
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Summary: The problem, Kris thinks, isn’t the wolf’s instinctual surrender; it’s the human’s complete capitulation.
Notes: Made for [personal profile] adamaddict_rh who bought me over at the [community profile] hooplamagnet charity auction to raise money for Adam’s bithday charity, Charity: Water. Also done for my “Read Slowly” square for [community profile] podfic_bingo.
Posted: August 28, 2011

Download: MP3 (65MBs) ||| M4B (80MBs)
Please right click and “Save As”.
Length: 1:23:13

2 Responses to "AI8 RPF Podfic: Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral)"

This was an absolute pleasure to listen to while at work today! Even with the constant interruptions (doorbell, questions, randomness, lol), it was easy to get right back into the story and continue on. By the way, I kind of adore your Kris, I just want to cuddle him. ;-P

Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

By the way, I kind of adore your Kris, I just want to cuddle him. ;-P
I’m glad my Kris worked for you, since I was really playing with is voice for this podfic. I’ve been trying to do more unique voices for my characters and somehow that turned into a sort of rough low voiced Kris for this one. :)

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